SEO services offered at fivedigital will definitely increase the percentage of visibility of your website on different search engine pages and it will also help in improving the number of traffic to your website. Your website will organically rank on the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

We will help you in optimizing your website either by editing the existing content on your website or by adding new content or by including the most appropriate or relatable keywords in your website content. It can also be achieved by increasing the number of backlinks to your website, so as to promote your brand.

But before applying these changes our expert’s team of SEO will try to understand revenue channels and user behavior to your website. They are well aware of different search algorithms & they will definitely help you in successfully achieving your goals & algorithms.

If your website is well optimized and at the same time well responsive, then it increases the number of user responses i.e. indirectly it helps in increasing the quality & quantity of traffic to your website. If you are concerned about your visitors search behavior then for improving the ranking of your website, organically; it is compulsory to take help of SEO services.

As through SEO services, the results will not guarantee immediately, but for that you need to stay focused, consistent and some patience will also be required. Thus you will be able to enjoy the benefits of SEO services.

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SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is a slow process for making your website search engine friendly and organically increasing its ranking on the SERPs for the keywords which best explains your business or brand.

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Our way of proceeding towards affluent SEO strategy

One cannot design an SEO strategy which will fit for all the types of businesses. But our successful SEO strategy is based on following 3 activities:

In-detail assessment of business

SEO team at fivedigital prefers to assess your business in detail so that they are able to know about things like different sales channels, user activities, their buying approach etc. Using this data, they try to plan out a effective SEO strategy.

SEO Practices like On-Page Optimization

Webpages of a website without On-Page Optimization are just like a full page information with poor content, poor images and poor videos. In today’s digital world, for sustaining in the tough competition, it is important to us On-Page Optimization techniques. As per the algorithms of search engines, many factors needs to be considered like correct tags, keywords, webpage load time and responsiveness of the website etc. Our expert’s team of SEO will help you through this.

Other SEO practice like – Off-Page Optimization

In this technique the emphasis is given on generating backlinks, content syndication etc. It helps in improving the overall search results and web traffic. At the time of deciding your rank on the SERPs, total links to your website are taken into consideration by Google.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

SEO Packages Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Website Attribute
Size of Website 10 Pages 20 Pages 50 Pages 100 Pages
Number of Keywords 5 10 20 30
Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote
Research & Audit
In-Depth Site Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Keyword Analysis
Baseline Ranking Check
Broken Links Check
Google Penalty Check
Keyword URL Mapping
Competitive Analysis 2 3 4 4
On-Page Evaluation
Backlink Profiling
Bad Link Removals
On Page Optimization Activities
Meta Tags/ Title Tag Changes
Head (H1/H2/H3) Optimization
Internal Linking Analysis
Existing Content Optimization
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
Page Speed Optimization
Navigation Architecture
Fresh Website Content Suggestions (Writing Charges Extra)
Google Analytics Goal Conversion Setup Suggestion
URL Rewriting
Keyword Density in Site Content
No Follow on External Links
HTML Site Map
XML Site Map & Submission
Robots.txt File Creation
Google & Bing Webmaster Tool Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Schema & Structured Data Markup
Off Page Optimization Activities
Directory Submission 10 20 30 40
Blog Posting & Optimization* 2 3 4
Press Release Submissions* 3 5 5
Image Submissions* 2 3 4 5
Article Submissions* 1 2 3 4
Infographics Creation & Posting on Blog 1 2
Forum Postings 10x1 10x2 10x3 10x5
Blog Commenting 5x2 10x2 10x3 15x3
Guest Blogging* 1 2 3
Classified Ads Submission 5 15 25 30
Q & A Submissions 8 12 16 20
Social Bookmarking
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup & Verification
Google My Business Posting
Customer Reviews Submissions 2 3 4 4
Monthly Reporting
Search Engine Rank Report 1 every 2nd month
SEO Reports
Activity Report
Monthly Action Plan

Note:- * Client needs to provide content

Different Activities involved in SEO

SEO process does not involve only one activity but it is formed by number of activities so that your website can get ranked at the top position on the SERPs. If anyone activity is missed, then it will affect the overall performance of the SEO strategy and indirectly it may affect the other results. Therefore, our SEO experts take care of all the essential activities involved in SEO process of our clients’ business.

These are default activities which come with our SEO Services.:

Before starting your website’s SEO optimization, it is important to find out relevant keywords and for that thorough knowledge of your brand’s products and services is important. If the selected keywords are relevant, then understand that your SEO optimization is going in correct direction. Consider different factors like – Scalability, keywords used by your competitor’s etc. for searching relevant keywords. SEO experts at fivedigital are fully equipped with the required skills, knowledge and tools for identifying relevant keywords.

It is a default activity because before starting any SEO Optimization, our experts strictly carry out the SEO Audit of our client’s websites. SEO Audit can be carried out after a tested time period; for accomplishing successful SEO strategy.

While carrying out SEO processes, it is important to take care of page titles because they can affect the CTR (Click through Rate) and if the current page titles are not given correctly then they need to be aligned strategically. So our SEO expert’s team will format page titles if – you are trying to design a completely new website or if the existing page titles are not appropriate and the page titles will be assigned as per the On-Page SEO techniques. This will increase the number of traffic to your website.

During On-Page Optimization process, a well-designed Meta description is needed because it is the one which is seen first in the SERPs by the users and based on it, users decide the quality of content on your website like – articles & blogs or your overall website content.

One basic activity of our SEO optimization process is to create URLs which are SEO friendly. By using our SEO services your website will rank on the top of SERPs.

Our team of SEO experts will carefully manage your online presence, therefore evenif any negativity had been spread related to your brand, it can be taken down an your brand will again become active and your visitors can actively respond to your brand.

Progress of SEO optimization of your website will be tracked at each and every step by using different Google Analytics tools.

We help in creating SEO friendly content which is strategically right & considers different points to be achieved through it. For ex: - Business Objectives. Formulating SEO friendly keywords and assigning well planned framework.

Our SEO expert’s team will help in generating organic backlinks because we don’t allow spamy content on any website.

Sitemaps are important for spiders & crawlers or bots. We help our clients in creating robust sitemaps for their websites so that crawlers can navigate the websites seamlessly & easily.

SEO expert’s team at fivedigital helps in generating ample traffic to your website by uploading or including articles containing quality content, which is our main off-page activity.

SEO experts team not only takes care of SEO activities but also looks after the errors that occur while browsing the website like – if any web page is not available to the user due to any unknown error, then our experts can solve this error by making the visitors visit the freshly created web page and thus your website will continue to perform well.

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