The Pros and Cons of Online Reputation Management for politicians are obvious

There is an old saying “It takes long time to develop a good image but a single wrong step will lose it”. Everyone wants to develop a good reputation in public, both online and offline. Same is true for politicians. Most of the voters themselves try to get information about a candidate by using search engines and then make their opinion about that candidate on the basis of the results. It is true! Now a day’s voters are just web searching the candidate. Therefore, it is important for a politician to have a good online reputation.SearchBot provides excellent online reputation management for the politicians.

Studies have proved that around one third userof social media motivates other people to comment on a political issue. So, if you are running for any local election or any presidential election then whatever you do has a possibility to go viral.

It is possible that sometimes your reputation may be attacked. Scandalmongering or mudslinging’s or character assassination or rumors are common things. Sometimes they can be effective.

We suggest you to purchase different domains for your different social media platforms and also create a SEO rich website through which voters can learn about your goals and objectives. You can publish press releases or interviews in a popular online newspaper. Reason behind this strategy is to capture first page of SERP. If someone publish something negative about you, then we suggest you to consult with an online reputation management company for developing a counter reply for such a negative information at the time of campaigning.

What SearchBot will offer you?

We are one of the best online reputation providing companies in India and abroad. We use best techniques and strategies for improving your online reputation.

Website for your campaign

We always suggest that if a domain name includes the name of the candidate then it has more chances to be seen on the first page of the search engines result page, because it contains the search term. Using this website, you can post your message or updates or you can publish press releases for your voters to see and it will certainly help in influencing your online reputation.

Social media accounts

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles are found to appear at the top of the search results, same applies to other professional websites. Specifically, for politicians we run skillfully and precisely targeted political campaign ads and awareness campaigns on social media platforms.

Get you a coverage

We generate awareness about your campaign in the online media by publishing press releases or your online interviews on newspaper accounts or by launching important events. If you wish we can insert a link to your political campaign website for generating added traffic.

Adding content with best user experience

We regularly update the content of your political campaign website. We try to share content which provides best user experience like sharing videos, press releases, online interviews or event launches and much more for promoting awareness about your campaign that will help in improving your online reputation.

Link building for relevant connections

Cross linking can be used for increasing the relevancy to your website. This will help in acquiring most of the primary pages of search engine.

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