Carrying out Political Digital Marketing with the help of mobile marketing services :-

Can marketing in a traditional way can also lead to a successful political campaign? Yes!Like text messaging or SMSs, you can easily reach out to your targeted audience by sending text messages.

Even though there are a number of ways in which one can run political campaigns through viewer engagement, SEO, PPC, SMM, blogs etc. SearchBot thinks that text messages can be sent to any type of mobile device with whatever type of technology in it.

As you know that people spend most of their time on cell phones therefore text messaging is one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to reach out to them. This marketing strategy will definitely help you to converse with your voters and also run a successful election campaign.

Through SMSs you can share updates, campaign agenda, invitations or any personalized message or any new update. From the advancements in the technology, one can see changes happening in the Indian as well as global digital marketing. Due to the dramatical change in the behavior and attitude of users or public, it is important to connect with your voters through different interconnected technologies because of this need, we see merging of mobile and digital technologies. This merging also helped in revolutionizing political digital marketing.

Various factors that worked as a motivational factor in political marketing is mobile marketing. Initially it requires less investment but after that you can target your voters by various filters like location, type of mobile device, etc. to help win the politician his/her election.

Number of mobile phone internet users in India from(in Million)

Do you want to know what we have to offer to the politicians?

We offer following services :-

Political Marketing with WhatsApp Service

Since last few years, running a political campaign with WhatsApp messaging service is considered most effective, smooth running and efficient. It has been used by millions of people therefore this service can be used in various ways for running political campaigns like –for starting the political conversation with voters, for spreading authorized information about political party etc.

Political Promotion through Bulk SMS

It is again one of the most productive mediums for running political campaigns by grabbing the attention of constituents. As cellphones are part of everybody’s life, it’s ate or response is more than emails i.e. it reaches faster than emails and it is known that everybody reads SMSs before everything else.
So, we use Bulk SMS service in various ways like – for attracting more voters to support you.

Political Promotions through Bulk Voice Calls

It is always better if a politician can reach out to a large number or voters and is able to communicate with large number of voters in his constituency, in short period of time. This can be easily possible with the help of voice calls. If a politician wants to make his voters aware of his work or his work in any community useful activity then such anupdate can be sent through voice calls. If required recorded voice messages can be sent out to the thousands of voters.
Thus, your voters will come to know about your work and about your communal presence.

Political promotion through telemarketing service like Miss call

For streamlining your political promotions, we recommend running miss call telemarketing strategy. Running political campaign through telemarketing service like miss call is very useful way to collect your voter’s data. In this strategy, provide a miss call number to your voters through your Facebook page or through your road shows or through your posters and ask your voter to give a missed call on that number.

Thus, you will be able to calculate the reach of your political ad and you can also collect the data of your followers. In return for missed call you can send auto generated SMS which will ask particulars like name of the voter or voters address or voters pin code number etc.

Another way through which you can respond to the missed call is by customizing a response according tp the moto of your party. Thus, this data will provide in-detail analytics to you.

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