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A Combination of Digital Marketing Training and Practical’s

Digital marketing is a flourishing industry because from a small level company to a multinational company everyone is on social media and each and every professional company needs customers as well as they all want to be the best company in the eyes of their customers. Because of this strong reason they hire digital marketing professionals to maintain their social media and digital marketing.

But those who cannot afford to pay to the digital marketing professionals have few questions like
“Where to learn digital marketing to become a professional?”
“What are the different ways in which you can learn digital marketing in India or by near-by location?”
they might be looking for, “What are the best digital marketing course in Nashik, India?”

The answer these questions is:“SearchBot”, based on our research in which we have considered all the positive and negative facts about a number of digital marketing institutes near-by.

Current Scenario

With over millions of internet users across the globe, there has been tremendous growth in the digital marketing industry, which will continue to grow in the near future as well. Number of professionals, students, and graduates etc. are looking forward to making their careers in digital marketing.

Now every learner thinks that it is easy to learn the basics but the biggest challenge lies in how you use this knowledge in practical life. There is a saying that, “We learn from our mistakes!”. So, when it comes to learning any new skill set you will need to be 100% dedicated, honest and at the same time you need time and money.

A number of books on digital marketing are available in the market, at the same time a number of YouTube channels dedicated to digital marketing are available. However, you can sign up for a professional digital marketing course offered by us. 5Digtal offer a best 2-month professional digital marketing course to professional’s, students and graduates, managers, or any personal who is looking to create a brand name for business, etc. Depending upon your skills in learning the basics of digital marketing, your overall experience in digital marketing, and how you implement your skills, you might need 2 to 3 months to complete the course.

Through this course you will be able to learn digital marketing skills along with live projects targeting multiple countries SEO or say organically, at affordable fees. So as to check what you have learned in theory because “Practice makes a man perfect!”. our online courses will help you in making your digital marketing career more mesmerizing.

SearchBot digital marketing agency is the professional digital marketing training institute running these courses since last (*4*) years and have taught number of professionals, students and graduates. We are one of the best digital marketing agency which also helps young professionls to gain knowledge and understanding of the concepts, standards and precautionary measures for developing a highly reputed brand online. With great reviews and feedback our students have rated us (*4.5 out of 5*) stars in google reviews. Our google certified professionals offers digital marketing training for our students with free demo lecture on marketing.

Our digital marketing course in nashik is at affordable fees and it includes the best interactive online as well offline digital marketing courses and the opportunity to work on live projects and (*9 google certificates*).With our long-term training program, you will be able to attend our classes till you think that you are ready to start your own career as a digital marketer. (*You can pay your fees by first attending our demo class to check our teaching process and then you can decide what you want to do. A number of companies have referred us.*) So, inquire now for a free demo!!!

Who can make career in digital market in 2021?

Because for most of the people, especially working professionals, such short-term courses are generally more convenient since they can attend these sessions according to their comfort from home or office and that too without having to travel to a training center whereas classroom sessions would be best for those who are the persons that prefers learning in a classroom environment or persons who are not too comfortable with learning in an online format.

Our digital marketing program is also helpful for marketing managers who wish to learn the nuances of digital marketing techniques and tools to execute a campaign. Entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance their businesses can also take up our digital marketing course.

The curriculum of this course is designed in such a way that it will help you to easily understand the impact and growth of digital technology on your business. We cover major digital marketing tools in this course like email marketing, SEO/SEM, Pay Per click, affiliate marketing, digital display, mobile marketing, online video, and social media analytics.

The duration of the course is two months. SearchBot also has a placement cell so that students can complete their internships in digital start-ups as well as final placements across sectors. Thus, the aim of our digital marketing courses is to give an overview of each and every key element of online marketing that allows brands to get better engagement, leads and conversions. Our curriculum also touches google analytics and metrics that can be used to analyze the performance of digital campaigns.

Digital marketing is an industry where taking up courses or following the industry trends will not make you an expert in this field but when you learn maximum things from actual hands-on, and on-the-job experience can only then it will help you become an expert in this sector. Thus, our courses will be successful only when we provide our students with the quality education of digital marketing and also how well we execute our acquired knowledge, and digital skill sets. So, inquire now for a free demo!!!

About founder

Mr.Vishwajit Kale is a digital marketing consultant and trainer having 6+ years of experience in digital marketing. It may seem enticing for one person to be a Trainer and Consultant in such a small span of a time, but Vishwajit's interest in internet made him fit into each role with ease. Graduated in Engineering with a bachelor's degree in Chemical, he started working as a freelance content writer in digital marketing in the early days of his career. He generated his interest in online marketing and known to deliver the most effective and engaging marketing consulting and thought leadership in the industry. He has helped new startup technologies and helping a number of tech companies to make a splash in the very saturated web space. He and his team is always availble if someone is interested in learning Digital Marketing. Currently, he serves as the Marketing strategist at Hostripples, SARPS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., he can be reached at

Course Details

SearchBot currently offers a 2-month course that covers all the details of digital marketing. The course offers dedicated certificates for each segment of the course, as a complete package on digital marketing.

Curriculum Details


Basics of digital marketing


On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO


Mobile Marketing and project review


Google analytics


PPC marketing


Video Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Content Marketing


Email Marketing


Affiliate Marketing


Lead Management

Lead Instructors

Mr. Vishwajit kale is a faculty member and he is supported by a body of experts to teach students how to become digital marketers.

Number of students

(*20+*) students.

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Digital marketing is far better than traditional marketing because it offers a number of options to market your products effectively.

A Digital Marketing certificate from a top digital marketing institute in India is definitely a worthwhile addition to your resume.

Digital Marketing benefits your business in a number of ways, even if you have done an online digital marketing course anywhere in India, you will gain all the latest tips and tricks to promote your business in the digital world.